Discovery of Happiness HTML version

External situations and the remarks of others can harm us through our thoughts—
but only to the extent our thoughts allow them to. So think positive. Talk positive. Read
positive quotable quotes of great people. In young age you could even surround yourself
with posters and cards bearing positive messages (instead of the posters of glamorous
celebrities!!!). Keep them on your table. Hang them on the walls. Paste them near the
bathroom mirror and on the doors. Stick them on your watchstrap. Keep them on the
refrigerator. Have them on the dashboard of the car. Slip them under the glass of the table
in front of you. Slide them in the inner side of the briefcase you carry. Find other suitable
places where you are bound to look at them every day.
This way you will be in a position to remember and use them appropriately in
response to specific negative thoughts. The replacing thought must be positive in every
sense. Apart from being inspiring and assuring, it should also be suggestive. For example,
if you confront a negative thought, "I can never succeed", it will not suffice if you replace
it with "Attack! I can succeed". This kind of replacement may not be effective, for it
sounds like wishful thinking and lacks assurance, depth and penetrating certainty. It is
better to break your replacing thought down into more definite and specific steps or
The replacing thought in this case may be: "I can succeed. By earlier failures I
have become rich in experience and have come to know specific areas that require special
attention. I will jot them down and systematically think of the ways in which I can
improve. I shall plan. And then stick to it. There is absolute ly no reason why I should not
succeed. I will assess, plan, execute, monitor, modify and carryon with the plan, and
fina lly succeed. In fact, I think that success has already been achieved and only time
separates my thought of success and its transformation into reality. I am committing
myself to all that is required to achieve success. I shall find my way anyhow—and if
there is none I shall make one."
Mature pe rson can avoid unhappy situations
There are many situations in life where you feel lost or helpless. A mature person
is able to face such situations better. Further maturity helps one to easily work with others