Discovery of Happiness HTML version

your body to mimic the poses the kid is striking, and let her or him in on it by pointing
out stuff to laugh about together.
Spend five minutes to write a journa l. Write about anything. Save what you
wrote and read it later. You'll enjoy it and ga in insights into yourself.
Listen to the music you like and then plan a drive (if possible) or short walk in a
park or shaded road. Go into the country for a picnic. Invite all ages!
Relax about the pressures you perceive in the world for a moment - consider the
differences and similarities between what is assumed and demanded by the post-modern
world around you and what is necessary and desirable to YOU.
Consider having fun every day, real fun that touches your deepest self.
De libe rate Control of Thoughts
Our minds affect the world around us because thoughts have energy, and this
entire universe is made up of energy. Our minds affect the world through our thoughts,
feelings, and actions, in obvious and subtle ways. To state it simply happy thoughts
equal a happy world; sad thoughts equal a sad world. Fearful thoughts equal a fearsome
world; angry thoughts equal an angry world. Benevolent thoughts equal a benevolent
world; generous thoughts equa l a generous world.
Choosing happiness helps us to think good thoughts, and thinking good thoughts
helps to create even more happiness. Instead of waiting for all your desires to be met
before you can feel happy, just choose to be happy right now - as is. Simply decide, "I
am going to be happy," regardless. Then, even if you're going through some discomforts
or troubling times, you'll find that spiritua l happiness remains alive like a fresh stream
flowing within you. (Alexander Humboldt)
There is never a moment when you are not thinking. Anil Bhatnagar suggests the
following simple steps to help you manage your thoughts and achieve success and
happiness in life.
Start watching your thoughts, without identifying with them. Watch them as a
detached observer. Your thoughts may even carry you away. What you need to do,
whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get