Discovery of Happiness HTML version

routine during a particularly stressful period like going for a short
vacation with family.
Remember that most things work out better than you fear. If you experience
certain dissatisfactions and interpret them to mean that you must be unhappy, then you
are unhappy. So imagine that your fears are ungrounded and success is real. Rather than
thinking of the problems and getting desperate, imagine the best outcome and then work
out what you need to do to make that happen. Follow your instincts. Alternatively think
of the worst that can happen and discount it by be ing prepared for it. If the thoughts you
are thinking are not giving you that 'good feeling', then think about something else that
will make you feel good in that moment. Observe your thoughts and ideas consistently
throughout the day (diary/journal if possible). Sometimes this may not be as easy as you
think if you are stuck in a "negative" tra in of thought and your brain chemicals are getting
fired up and forming "anxiety or anger" thoughts. Anxiety, fear and anger patterns can be
interrupted by focusing on something else. Go back to picturing scenes/remembering
things/imagining, planning stuff that makes you feel 'good'
How to have Positive Fee lings
Begin by asking yourself these questions: What is behind my current feelings?
How do I want to feel? What do I want to experience?
Take a long breathe in and exhale slowly. Just be yourself for a few seconds.
Think about how you feel in this moment. Whatever it is, accept the feeling by
either hugging yourself while feeling it or menta lly wrapping your arms around the
emotion, as if it were a ball of light.
Pay attention to any impulses that come up, like a desire to go outside.
Go outside. Look at the tree tops. Notice how the breeze or wind moves them and
if they have any birds in them. See the clouds and note the direction and speed of the
wind. Touch something in the natural world, like a smooth stone or a plant. Notice its
texture and temperature.
Play with a kid as if you were still that young. Keep a sense of responsible
awareness, but go ahead and feel the wonder of everything; try fun things like moving