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Positive Thinking
Let‘s take a quick look at the major positive and negative emotions. Anytime we
have any degree of love, generosity, pra ise and bravery or multiple combinations of these
emotions, our brain secretes positive chemicals and enhances our natural abilities.
Positive emotions make us happy.
Anytime we have any degree of hate, greed, jealousy, and fear or multiple
combinations of these emotions, we immediately lower our brain‘s chemistry and our
ability to reason and function at a high level. Our negative emotions are the cause of most
of our bad decisions, actions and unhappiness we experience in our life. The rest is
caused by ignorance or lack of self-awareness.
Positive thinking involves waking up to or discovering that we already are
happy only we have to create situations for it. It inc ludes the following ma in components,
each capable of providing relaxed response to any situation.
Positive Beliefs that is accepting an opinion without full personal
knowledge about it. This is the basis of learning from discourses,
particularly religious discourses.
Positive attitude he lps us to cope more easily with the daily affairs of
life. It is the main source of optimism in any situation.
Positive Values that really matter to each of us. Caring for others, for
example, is a value; so is the freedom to express our opinions. Most of
us learn these in our childhood.
Positive Memories are another component that provides us periodical
‗doses‘ of happiness.
Positive Judgments enable us not to jump to wrong conclus ions and thus
be unhappy or make others unhappy. It is necessary that we judge
according to our own standards rather than by what others tell.
Positive Methods of providing relaxation like listening to soft music,
meditation, walking in the garden, laughing with friends and change of