Discovery of Happiness HTML version

Rs 1,000,000 in the lottery, imagine how we would feel and how our physiology would
respond. We would feel on top of the world. Everyone watching us will see it by the way
we carry ourselves. Imagine how we would feel and look if we lost our winning lottery
ticket. If this depressed us, our eyes would be down and our shoulders slumped. Some
individua ls would probably feel like killing themselves for losing the ir winning ticket.
Our physiology works both ways. Our body reflects our feelings. However, how
we carry our body affects our feelings. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve
our chemistry is to change our physiology. By taking slow deep breaths, standing tall and
sticking our chest out, we automatically increase our chemistry and immediately feel
better. Raise our eyes to the sky and smile right now. Do we feel a change in our energy
and alertness? If we always carry ourselves like a winner, we will feel like a winner.
Since our thoughts have the biggest impact on the brain‘s chemistry, that‘s where
one should focus. When we have positive thoughts, our bra in secretes positive chemicals
and increases the power of our brain. When we have negative thoughts, our brain secretes
negative chemicals and decreases the power of our brain. This is a simple, but profound
concept to realize. Our happiness depends on it. In the world of sports, this is very easy to
demonstrate because the mind/body connection provides us with immediate feedback.
When we are positive, our performance excels. When we are negative, our performance
is adversely affected.
However, when it comes to our personal, soc ial and business behavior, the
feedback may not be as obvious or as immediate. It may take us days, weeks, months or
even years, to see or feel the repercussions from our negative thoughts and actions. I‘m
sure that if we reflect on our life, we will know exactly what we feel. We should,
however, not confuse short-term pleasures from external sources with happiness. True
and lasting happiness always comes from within. External pleasures never last.