Discovery of Happiness HTML version

nature. Those around us feel the strength and quality of our electromagnetic field. As our
awareness increases we will realize that we can‘t hide our feelings from those we interact
with and they can‘t hide theirs from us. That‘s why we have good chemistry with people
we enjoy being with and bad chemistry with those that we don‘t. It is even more
important to realize that the electromagnetic fie ld that our thoughts create in turn cause
attractor fields and that affects our life and cause happiness.
The "Happiness Equation"
It has been suggested that there are several factors that contribute towards our
happiness. The 'equation for happiness' suggested by Martin Seligman, an American
psychologist is:
H = S + C + V
H = Happiness, S = Set range (determined primarily by genetic information:
about 50%), C = Impact of circumstances (8-15%)
V = Voluntary Control (past, present, future)
This all looks very scientific, and is actually based on research findings, but
can be explained quite simply:
Se t Range Ge netics - There is some evidence to support that we are all born with
a certain "set-point" of happiness, determined by our genes. This is supposed to change
only slightly, if at all, as we get older. This contributes towards around 50% of our level
of happiness.
Circumstances - There is no doubt that the circumstance we live in influence our
leve l of happiness. You don't always have a lot of control over your circumstances (for
example, we can't all live in mansions and drive new cars, if that is what gives us
happiness). Evidence suggests, however, that this accounts for only around 8-15% of our
happiness levels, which really isn't that much.