Discovery of Happiness HTML version

thing or event. It becomes a goal. Unfortunately, the path to that goal is often ignored.
The new car could only be purchased if you denied yourself simple pleasures over two
years in order to afford your new status symbol. And what about your child? What would
he be required to do in order for you to feel happiness about what he or she achieves
academically, socia lly, or professionally?
Once you associate happiness with goals, both you and your child are primed for
a fall. The goals, many of which are unobtainable , become traps; if they can't be reached,
neither can your happiness. And by focusing on the goa l, the path is often ignored. Often
we want our children to achieve those aims that we could not achieve. Everyone wants
his son to be Sachin Tendulkar in cricket or Abhinav Bindra in shooting. Who would not
want his daughter to be Saina Mahiwal. We force him or her without taking into account
his interests, capabilities and environment just to satisfy our expectations that may be
only linked to fame and fortune.
―I love my kids dearly and genuinely want the best for them. But already I have
ideas about what I think is best for them. So even without intentionally wanting to... as
they grow up, I'll be influenc ing them to do the things that I think will be best for
them. Unfortunately I really do not know what is really for the ir best, as I do not know
what is best for ME!‖- Most parents.
Radhika Nagrath describes how difficult it is for us to live like a child. ―To live
like a child and be happy like him, one should forego the obsession to please others.
Everybody appreciates truthfulness as compared to superficial ways of impressing others.
Experienc ing chilled like joy has unfortunate ly become a rarity. A child is a born optimist
and experiences joy in every act, as he is oblivious of the result. He is always in the
PRESENT and enjoys simple joy of ‗being‘. We tend to brood over the past or worry
about the future, letting slip the present moment that is lost forever. Let us be happy like
a child with less inhibitions, spontaneous in laughing heartily and taking the life as not a
burden or chore but as a journey of discovery and the resulting joy of coming to know
and experiencing new things.‖
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