Discovery of Happiness HTML version

It is unique for e ach
Each one of us has his own set range for happiness, which is largely inherited but
subsequently modified through his experiences and influences in life. When we identify
our highest strengths and virtues, the things we‘re best at, we are better prepared to
achieve lasting happiness. It‘s a discovery within us. It‘s not doing something external.
It‘s finding what we‘re really best at and doing it more. Unfortunately Most of us spend
our life physically, intellectually and morally utilizing only a small part of our potential.
As soon as we become slightly happy, we become lazy and do not follow up our dreams
and thus waste a large portion of our life. To live life to the fullest, we have to throw
away ‗garbage‘ of data and actions and allow only the best information to enter our mind
and take up only meaningful actions. Even a single negative thought can lead us to a path
that would make us and/or others unhappy. Instead of being consistently miserable one
should be habitua lly optimistic.
Inaction can neve r le ad us to happiness. When we are inspired by some great
purpose, all our thoughts break their bonds and expand in a ll directions in search of a
new, better and wonderful world. Dormant forces and talents become alive and we
discover a greater person than we ever were in the past. Mind is a wonderful servant but a
terrible master. Exercise it the right way; use it all the time under our ethical control so
that it follows the right path and does not become our master.
There‘s been evidence for a long time that people who are seriously religious are
less depressed and more optimistic and hence happier. This is because they do not spend
that much time thinking and striving for meeting their physical desires. Secondly, people
who are seriously religious are at a tremendous advantage if they choose to lead a
meaningful life. They use their spiritua l strengths in the service of something much larger
than they are, and that is a tried-and-true route to satisfaction in life. By seriously
religious we mean a person who does not consider religious ritua ls as everything but who
practices ethical living and has true faith in God.
Some of the many misconceptions or Myths concerning the pursuit of happiness