Discovery of God HTML version

everywhere can be easily discovered, realized, perceived and seen with
the eyes of the mind through the grace of the True Master. Only he can
reveal the eternal God in no time to every sincere seeker at mere asking.
This is exactly what Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj is doing in
the present era. He is imparting the Divine Knowledge and revealing the
Truth to every human being at mere asking, regardless of one’s caste,
creed, color, diet, dress and culture, the country and the Continent, to
which one belongs.
In all ages, as also in present era of science and technology, the need for
Divine knowledge has always been reiterated by the great Gurus and the
Saints, whose aim has always been to dispel the darkness of ignorance,
to illuminate the minds of the millions, to dispense divine knowledge
(Brahm – Gyan) and thereby to grant peace, bliss and salvation to every
human being living in any part of the globe.