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Discover the Secrets of How to Fund Your Real Estate Deals with Private Lenders
My name is Mike Lautensack and I started real estate investing
in 1999 as a way to generate passive income and long-term wealth.
Despite numerous mistakes and, what I like to refer to as "learning
experiences", I started to have some real success by 2005 and made
the leap to a full-time real estate investor.
In 2007, I started a residential property management company called Del Val Property
Management LLC which serves Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.
Today, I continue to invest in real estate, grow and develop my property management
company and now spend more and more time teaching and coaching real estate investors.
I started out buying single family homes from Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”),
Veterans; Administration (“VA”) and private sellers, using both bank money and my own
personal funds to cover down payments. I quickly ran into a common problem when I ran
out of cash and needed to find a better way to finance my real estate deals.
This is when I discovered the single, most important lesson I have learned in my real estate
investing business; and that is, how to use Private Lenders to financing my real estate
investments and NOT my own money. It was this discovery that allowed my real estate
investing business to grow and prosper, as the lack of cash was no longer an obstacle.
This eBook is a summary of the information I use in my private lending program and is an
excellent starting point for real estate investors interested in starting their own private
lending program.
Good luck with your future endeavors and may your journey towards real estate wealth bring
you financial success.
Mike Lautensack
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