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Dirt Nap
Dirt Nap #1
By Kevin Anthony
Copyright 2014
Thi s ebook is li censed for your personal enjoyment onl y. Thi s ebook may not be re-sol d or gi ven away to other
peopl e. If you woul d li ke to share this book wi th another person, pl ease purchase an addi ti onal copy f or each
reci pi ent. Thank you for respecti ng the hard work of thi s author.
Word Count – 18, 000
Tab le of Contents
Stem (noun) – deceased persons who sp routs f rom the ground post the DP chemi cal con tamination ; once thei r
corpse b egins to expi re, they have the ability to take a di rt nap beneath soil , regenerating th eir corpse to a nea rly
living condition; can consume l iving persons to avoid quickened corpse expiration thus avoiding a lengthy dirt nap
1 –Contamin ated
Roam's demi se had all started wi th a toasted peanut butter and jell y sandwich for breakfast. He fi gured
chewi ng and swall owi ng was somethi ng he had perfec ted , especi all y after eati ng soli ds for nearl y all the twenty -
two y ears of his l i fe. He crawl ed across his condo fl oor towards the ki tchen area, hi s l ungs desperate for ai r. Roam
made i t to th e refri gerator and opened th e door to l earn the onl y thi ng cl ose to a beverage i n stock was a bottl e of
creamy ranch dressi ng.
Roam’s vision blurred and it was becoming tough for him to maintai n his bal ance. He knew wh en i t came to
his li fe ther e was onl y a few seconds l eft on th e cl ock. His eyes met wi th th e ki tchen si nk. As he envi si oned water
comi ng from the faucet, he coul d onl y recall the warni ng that fl ashed across the botto m of ev ery bro adcast
channel for the last two days around the world: don’t drink the water. He weighed dying soon from a lack of air or
even tuall y from the poi sonous chemi cals from the massi ve DP chemi cal spill . The chemi cal manufacturi ng
company was sol el y responsi bl e for contami nati ng vari ous water suppli es worl dwi de, mi l es of land borderi ng the
company’s plants, and the air that was now declared breathable by medical officials. One choice offered him the
chance to say some goodbyes and maybe th e ti me to start and then compl ete a bucket l i st.
Roam wi ll ed hi msel f over to the ki tchen si nk, rested agai nst i t and turned on the faucet. He angl ed hi msel f
wel l enough to put hi s mouth ben eath th e pouri ng water that smel l ed li ke gasoli ne and drank. It tasted li ke ti n foil
and burnt li ke fire as i t went down hi s throat. The burni ng sensati on spread from his torso throughout hi s entire
body. Roam was too weak to react to th e pai n, not ev en th e strength to l et ou t a si ngl e moan. The burni ng
sensati on faded, al ong wi th each of his fi ve senses and everythi ng went dark.
A constant ti cki ng was all that coul d be heard and darkness was all that coul d be seen. Roam wonder ed i f thi s
was eterni ty, l ayi ng i n a dark room li steni ng to a ticki ng sound. He was a bi t l et down , exp ecti ng the after l i fe to
del i ver a bi t more i f he was i ndeed i n a better pl ace or offer a bi t l ess i f he was i n a worst pl ace. A thumpi ng sound
joi ned the cl icki ng. Each thump was accompani ed by a sharp pai n i n his chest. Roam recogni zed the thu mpi ng
sound; i t was a heart, his heart, onl y a bi t stall ed. It was as i f the organ was bei ng poked wi th a needl e for si mpl y
doi ng i ts job.