Dimension Shifter HTML version

Genessa always wore them and often had matching jewels and
elaborate hairdos to go with it.
Kyrin sat down awkwardly and looked over at the Lady, “So
whose bow is that?”
“It’s mine.”
She raised her eyebrows, “You any good?”
Genessa smiled, “Ladies don’t carry weapons. It was from my
younger days, and I was quite good.”
“Why can’t women carry weapons?”
“Not women, Ladies… as in the woman over the city.”
“Did Alric tell you why you are here?”
“Yeah, he thinks I need help with acting proper or something.”
“Yes, mostly. What do you think about that?”
Kyrin sat back in the chair, “I think I’m fine. It’s a waste of time if
you ask me.”
“I see, well… as you are to be in this castle for the next year…”
“Eleven months.”
“Ok, 11 months, then you’ll need to act like you belong here.”
“I’d like to start by making you look like a proper lady.”
“You mean like dresses.”