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“Genessa can be harsh though.”
“Yes I know. It seems to be getting worse.”
“If Genessa oversteps, Kyrin will fight back.”
“Why don’t we put guards on Genessa, in case Kyrin attacks her?”
Finn suggested.
Alric thought for a few minutes before speaking, “Let’s do it then.
We’ll put two Knights with Genessa, and we’ll ask Genessa if she
can help Kyrin with some basic manners.”
Finn grinned, “She is lacking a lot of social etiquette.”
“A lot of? She has the social graces of a goat.”
“Come in, Kyrin,” Genessa said, smiling. She stepped back and let
Kyrin and two of the Knights into her ante-chamber.
Kyrin looked around the room. It had too many decorations for
her liking, but the bow on the wall caught her attention. It had
been used, but was now covered in dust and being used to display
flowers. The couches were soft and made of blue velvet, and a
small table sat between them with tea set out.
“Please, have a seat,” Genessa said as she sat down and crossed her
ankles. Kyrin couldn’t imagine wearing a long dress all day, but