Dimension Shifter HTML version

Trox sat down and lowered his voice, “I’m your advisor for a
“My trusted advisor, but sometimes your logic gets in the way of
your humanity.”
“Logic never gets in the way. I’ve seen the evils, and you can’t
imagine what they are capable of.”
“My Grandfather spoke of them often,” Alric said. “I understand
how dangerous they were. Then I see Kyrin and realize how she’s
lived and what she’s been told, and I’m not convinced she’s a true
“She is.”
“I wonder if she should spend time with Genessa,” Finn said
“Why?” Alric asked.
“She views men as tyrants.”
“Can Genessa defend herself if Kyrin attacks her?” Trox asked
“She’s handy with a bow…”
“Kyrin would have her for lunch. That girl can hand-to-hand with
the big boys and always has her flail with her. By the time
Genessa drew a bow, she’d be dead,” Finn said.
Alric nodded, “She’s also not shot a bow in years. Since she
moved to the castle she doesn’t fight.”
“So it’s too dangerous to have them together,” Trox said.
“I don’t think so. Finn has a point that Kyrin won’t be as
defensive around Genessa.”