Dimension Shifter HTML version

“I should rephrase that… you need to eat.” Alric stood up and then
walked over to the table, “I took the liberty of bringing you some
Kyrin looked down at her arms where the burns should have been.
“I healed you.”
“I don’t punish.”
“That is why I did it.”
“Sit, eat.”
Kyrin finally sat down and Alric watched as she picked up the food
with her hands and ate it.
“Remind me to introduce you to a spoon,” he said, amused.
She licked the butter from her fingers and kept eating.
“While you eat, I want to tell you about a task I have for you.”
He waited to see if she would respond, but she continued to eat, “I
need an assistant. Someone who follows me on day-to-day tasks
and keeps track of things I need to remember.”
She frowned slightly, “You have a lot of faith in my memory.”
“You can write it down.”
Kyrin stopped eating and smiled crookedly, “You think I can
“Oh, I hadn’t considered that you can’t write.”
“Why would I be able to write?”