Dimension Shifter HTML version

Finn looked over at her, “Never again will I underestimate her.”
“Not for one second.”
“We need to find something for her to do.”
“She keeps trying to clean.”
“I’ve heard. I’d rather have her on my unit.”
“As a Knight?” Alric asked, looking over at him.
“She’s bested my most seasoned Knights. Seems fitting to put her
out there protecting the city.”
“Except she’s impulsive and irrational. Can she be trusted to keep
us safe?”
“True. Then let her clean.”
“I don’t feel right having a non-paid servant on my staff,” Alric
told him. “Doing so would mean meeting her expectations of how
others treat people.”
“Well she can’t sit around here in her room all day.”
“That’s what I hate. She would if I ordered her to.”
“Then let her be your personal assistant.”
Alric looked at Finn, “Do what?”
“She can follow you around and take notes, record upcoming
appointments, that type of thing. You’ve always hated how after
meeting with the townspeople on the full moon that you often
forget things you’ve told them.”
“That’s not a bad idea.”
“Are you going to talk to her about this punishment business?”