Dimension Shifter HTML version

Kyrin sighed softly and then opened her eyes and looked over at
Alric as he slept. She smiled and moved over to nuzzle close to
him and went back to sleep.
Alric – Ah l ri k
Daemionis – D ay me ah nis
Jilavanu – J il ah vah n oo
Kyrin – K ear un
Kyrstalis – K eer st ah lis
Nosata – N oh s ah t a
Ozehshiesh – O z eh shee esh
Paragoy – P air ah goi
Shamagiem – Sh ah mah gee eh m
Sithias – S ih th ee us
Tiasis – T ee ah sis
Vasiieth – V as ee eh th
Books in the Dimensions Saga
Dimension Shifter (Book 1)
Paragoy Dimension (Book 2)
Shadowmere (Book 3)