Dimension Shifter HTML version

She looked up with wide eyes when Daemionis appeared beside
her in the small room. She immediately jumped up from the floor
and fell to her knees before him. He had visited her before, but
only when he needed her to do something for him.
“My Lord,” she whispered.
“How have you come to be in this dimension?” His voice was
stern and sent fear into her. He stood over 8 feet tall, and his scaly
green skin was pulled tight over inhumanly large muscles. Tall
horns stood out from his mutilated face, and blood appeared in the
corner of his mouth when he spoke. He stepped toward her on
hooved feet, though they made no noise against the wooden floor.
“I was running from the Shadowmere.”
“This dimension is like no other I’ve seen.”
She nodded, “Yes, my Lord.”
“You have accidentally stumbled into Paragoy Dimension.”
She gasped, “I have?”
“Yes, quite an accomplishment.”
“I didn’t know.” The legendary Paragoy Dimension was rumored
to be spared from hardships other dimensions were terrorized by.
Shifters sought it and often died trying to find it. No one was sure
if it was unreachable, if it was but a fable, or if those who reached
it never returned.
“You are indebted to the king here?”
“Yes, my Lord.”
“I will be watching you.”
“What do you wish for me to do?”