Dimension Shifter HTML version

Bracing for a trick, she quickly grabbed it and then looked over at
him when he spoke, “You will be staying in the castle.”
“I’m to serve there?”
“You could say that.”
When they started for the castle, Alric watched her pass the horses
and begin the journey on foot, though she carried her boots. He
figured the rocks would cut her feet, but followed her to see what
she would do.
Her ways were foreign and intriguing. Any sound brought a
scrutinizing glare from her, and she almost attacked a young man
who came to bring fresh bread to her. It wasn’t uncommon in
Valhara to share with strangers, and he was surprised when she
readied her flail when offered the gift.
Alric smiled at the Baker and motioned for him to return to his
home. The confused man bowed at his King and returned inside.
He couldn’t help but notice how guarded and untrusting she was,
and how she was always tense and ready to fight. He wondered
what she’d been through to cause that, although the lands he knew
of were all fairly peaceful and none of them were in a drought.
Alric fully planned on asking Sithias about this young girl as soon
as possible.