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“It’s not a true marriage until it’s consummated.”
“It will be. I can’t throw all of this at her at once.”
Trox nodded and stood up, “Maybe we should assign Knights to
Kyrin, just until things with Qualsax calm down.”
Alric nodded, but his mind was a million miles away, so Trox
simply left.
Kyrin looked over the field of flowing flowers and then glanced
behind her at the two Knights seated on horses. Alric and Trox
were out at the Qualsax, and she was asked to stay with the
Knights. Memories of the fight with the Qualsax was fresh in her
mind, and the thought of how well they restrained her helped with
the request for Knights.
She was still surprised at how little her life changed once she
married Alric. While he seemed more attentive and even more in
love with her, nothing else had changed. She’d had no beatings
still, and the vile acts talked about by the new brides hadn’t come
to pass.
Kyrin moved forward and waded through the thick pink flowers,
running her hands along the soft petals. The Knights stayed closer
to her and were watching around. She got the feeling they almost
wished Qualsax would attack, but she would prefer if they left her