Dimension Shifter HTML version

“So you tried to run.”
She nodded and then yawned.
Alric leaned over her and took her wrists in his hands before
pressing his lips to hers. She tasted like alcohol, but seemed to
relax under his touch. He was pleased when she responded, and
her kiss became more passionate to match his.
His hands ached to caress her skin and feel her toned body beneath
his fingers, but he couldn’t risk her casting on him, and he liked
how it frustrated her when he held her hands. Her body seemed to
fit perfectly against his as he moved on top of her, and his kiss
grew stronger.
She inhaled softly as his kiss traveled down her neck and then up
to her ear as he whispered, “Marry me.”
“Alric,” she sighed.
“Marry me,” he said again, kissed her softly, and then looked into
her eyes.
She hesitated and then nodded slightly.
Alric smiled, “Thank you.”
“If you do it though, I’ll turn you into a troll.”
“Do what?” he asked, watching her. Her eyes slowly slid shut, so
he crawled off of her and went to bed.