Dimension Shifter HTML version

“Nothing, but I want to know you aren’t running off or killing
“I won’t.”
“I don’t trust you. Up the stairs,” he said, pointing.
She huffed and then walked up the stairs, followed by Alric, who
was relieved. He wasn’t sure she would agree to move into his
room, so he could watch her. He had to remind himself that she
had no reason to fear the bedroom. Her fears of marital rituals
were so unknown that she hadn’t associated bedrooms with any of
Once in the bedroom, she sat down on the floor in front of the fire
and looked over at him, outwardly furious.
Alric sat down on the bed, “Still can’t get you in a bed?”
“How do you sleep on the cold, hard floor?”
She didn’t answer, but slid onto her side away from him and shut
his eyes.
“I gave them two weeks to work things out,” Sithias said as he
looked along the vast dimension full of nothing. It was a neutral