Dimension Shifter HTML version

She heard footsteps approaching, footsteps of the Shadowmere
Consortium. They’d been following her for the past six years, ever
since she escaped from their slavery. Since her escape, they
sought her out as a lost prized possession. They’d spent years
honing her magic and turning her into a powerful sorcerer, and the
Shadowmere never let such time and money go to waste. They
had use of her abilities, and her capture was their main focus.
“Come out, little one,” a gruff voice called out. Waymen was the
head Apprehender for the Shadowmere Consortium, and was the
first to find her trail into this new dimension, “You can’t hide from
us anymore. You’re cornered here.”
Kyrin looked around carefully, searching for any sign that a portal
was near. Her innate ability to dimension shift had kept her alive
for the six years she spent on the run, but first, she had to find a
key to open the portal. The Shadowmere weren’t natural
dimension shifters, but were quickly learning some of the portal
This dimension was full of the dead. A place dimension shifters
used to hide the bodies of loved ones so the undead Consortium,
the Nosata, wouldn’t find them and use their corpses as minions.
Beautifully carved headstones and elaborately decorated tombs
filled the dimension, and the smell of death was strong on the
“She’s here,” Waymen said to another of the Shadowmere.
“Aye, she is.”
“Kyrin, you can’t hide from us anymore! Mika has promised you
won’t be punished if you’ll turn yourself over to us. We won’t
hurt you.”
Kyrin knew it was a lie. The Shadowmere were master torturers
and punished for even the smallest crime. Most of their devoted
minions were tortured into submission, and Kyrin had spent many