Dimension Shifter HTML version

“It’s my portal. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” she said, and then
started through it.
When half of her disappeared, Alric realized she was serious and
pulled her back through, then kissed her softly.
“I’ll be back,” she said again, and then disappeared.
Kyrin waited outside of the compound for a way inside. She’d
been tracking the Nosata for almost a month and had finally found
one that was careless enough to lead her to his compound. She
knew that Daemionis’ Priest was in there, and she was determined
to get him back and return to Paragoy to prove to Alric that she
was capable.
As she watched, she saw that the Nosata had wight’s guarding their
boundaries and revenants walking around. Both animated corpses
posed a great problem to a fighting magic user. They were able to
drain the power she had to pull from to cast magic.
There had to be another way in. The Nosata weren’t the smartest
of the Consortiums, but they were smarter than the Shadowmere.
Necromancers started the Consortium but were killed off when the
Clemency Consortium outlawed magic. Now it was being run by
worshipers of the dead, a type of necromancer that used their deity
instead of magic to animate corpses into the undead.