Dimension Shifter HTML version

death because of her escape, and this man had been it. With
nothing else to do but wait for a key to appear, she began going
through the Shadowmere’s things.
He’d been picked clean. The Shadowmere weren’t loyal enough to
leave the dead alone, so they had already taken anything of value
off of him.
When the moons began to rise over the trees, she leaned back
against the armor of the Shadowmere to wait out the night. She
was afraid to sleep, afraid she might miss the key if it appeared.
She was weak with hunger as night fell on the fifteenth day waiting
for a portal key into Paragoy. The skeleton beside her was her
only company, and her only source of food. Twice in the last two
weeks a small rodent had scurried to the bones to check for one
tiny morsel of food, and both had become her dinner.
This dimension had rain every few nights, just enough to keep her
from dying of thirst. It was more like a mist, but she’d managed to
gather enough to keep herself alive. However, there wasn’t
enough to stop the burning in her throat or to stop her cracked lips
from bleeding.
She was starting to lose hope, and knew that waiting this long in a
dimension was asking for the Shadowmere Consortium to find her.
She heard them come by once, but they didn’t recognize the