Dimension Shifter HTML version

Kyrin sat down beside a dying bush and pulled her new backpack
from her back. She opened it to put her things inside, but found it
already full. As she pulled heavy items out of the pack, it didn’t
lighten in weight, and she laid each item out on the ground beside
Once empty, she looked over the items and realized that the
backpack had to be enchanted. She smiled. It was a weightless
backpack, and now it was hers. His items were useless, so she left
them on the ground and filled the backpack with her few
When she grabbed the silver chain with the green amulet that she
had pulled off of a Qualsax Warrior she’d just killed, she ran her
fingers over it. He had been an easy kill, already wounded, but the
amulet bore the emblem of the Qualsax, and she studied it. Her
mind wandered back to Alric, and she wondered if he’d survived
the Minotaur attack, and if he was even still alive.
From the sounds of it, Qualsax was also under Minotaur attack, so
there was a chance they were wiped out. She hoped her magic had
spared Valhara so Alric could be taken to the temple and healed.
Figuring the amulet wasn’t going to whisk her away to Paragoy,
she put it in the backpack and then started off across the mostly
desert dimension.
There was nothing in this dimension but sand. Everywhere she
looked was sand and wind blowing sand. A dust storm was