Dimension Shifter HTML version

Kyrin crouched down underneath the low bridge. The bridge
rumbled with the footsteps of the Shadowmere Apprehension Crew
as they marched toward the east. She’d barely managed to jump
into the murky, slime covered water and ducked under the bridge
when she saw them coming.
The crew was getting bigger, and she felt the fear return when she
realized that it would be harder to get away from them, the larger
they grew. When the last of them crossed the bridge, she peeked
out from behind the reeds and watched them disappear over the
Careful not to make a sound, Kyrin crawled out of the slippery
water on the opposite shore and then sat on the dead grass to
remove the leeches from her skin. The slimy creatures were hard
to grasp, but she managed to get all of them off. Leaving one
attached to your skin could cause fever and hallucinations, so she
was meticulous about removing them.
The roar of laughter filled the inn, and Kyrin glanced over from the
dark corner to watch them. She had killed one of the Shadowmere
that had coins on him, and she took the opportunity to get some
food and water at the busy inn.