Dimension Shifter HTML version

“I know, and I’ve avoided them for this long. I’ll be ok.”
“I’d hate to see Daemionis’ magic user disappear.”
“I won’t.” With that, Kyrin walked out with her tiny bag her only
possession and quickly left Paramide Dimension, landing directly
in Kyrstalis. Creteloc had given her a cloak to help conceal her
identity while she traveled through Kyrstalis to the dimension at its
furthest west borders.
The stench of death and decay filled her senses the second she
appeared in the cemetery. The dry grass crunched beneath her feet
as she made her way quickly across the city. The Shadowmere
would never stop looking for her, and she felt exposed and
vulnerable on their home turf.
Too easily she found the portal and then breathed a sigh of relief
when she walked through and appeared in the dimension with the
river of death. She ignored the bodies floating along with the
current as they reached out for her, teasing her to come help them.
She knew better. The first time she’d been in that dimension, she
saw a Priest of Kynekke reach down to help one of the bodies. His
eyes had grown wide and lifeless almost immediately. He was
then pulled into the water and screamed soundlessly as he was
pulled beneath the surface.
Skirting as far away from the water as possible, she walked quickly
toward the dimension she wanted. She knew the dimension
connections within four dimensions from each direction off of
Kyrstalis. After that it was all unknown, and she headed out to see
if she could find safety away from the Consortium’s vigilant eye.