Dimension Shifter HTML version

Kyrin continued to watch preparations, but her mind was far away
in the city. She couldn’t help but think about Alric’s selfless act to
save a pregnant woman. A new feeling emerged and she tried to
push it aside, but it grew stronger. She started to panic when she
realized that she had feelings for Alric, feelings that could get her
punished by Daemionis.
When the sound of the battle horn rang out through the valley, the
Knights rushed to their horses. The Minotaurs had been spotted by
the outlook high on the mountain. Kyrin stood quickly, not sure
why she was even contemplating going with them. This wasn’t her
fight and she fully planned on shifting out of Paragoy Dimension
the second she saw a Minotaur.
She felt a panic when she realized that Alric was in the town alone,
and the Knights weren’t going to make it before the Minotaurs
cleared the city streets. She didn’t care about the townsfolk. They
weren’t her concern. The alarm she felt was for Alric.
Kyrin knew she could make better time with her boots of speed
that Creteloc gave her. The horses had to stick to the winding
roads leading into town, but she could go through the trees.
Without another thought, she flew into the forest toward the town
of Valhara.
The smell of the Minotaur hit her first, a familiar scent that brought
terror into her. She ran harder. She had to get to him. He had no
way to defend himself against that amount of Minotaurs, and she
hoped her flail would aid him. When she hit the town, the people
she passed were surprised at her speed and watched in shock as she
headed for the crashing sounds coming from the front gate.
She knew Alric would be there. He wasn’t smart enough to run.
He would face them head on instead of leaving the townsfolk to
fend for themselves like most Kings would have.