Dimension Shifter HTML version

“I didn’t want more children… but she begged…” The Knight
was nervous and worried. Kyrin was still confused by Finn’s
actions toward his pregnant wife, and couldn’t stop watching them.
“The Priests can help her. I promise you.”
“She doesn’t want to evacuate. She’s afraid if she moves too much
it could hurt the baby. I tried to tell her that if she stays she’ll be
dead, but she’s too concerned that the move will hurt the baby.”
“Would you feel better if I go see if I can get her to evacuate?”
Alric asked.
Kyrin gasped at the offer.
“I can get there and help the Priests evacuate her. I’ve delivered
babies before and if she’s close, I can assist,” Alric said. “Sithias
will guide us.”
“Thank you, Sir,” Xan said, and bowed deeply.
Alric called for Finn to take over, and then rode off into the city on
his horse. Kyrin wanted to go watch, to see what Alric would do,
but she had no desire to get closer to the Minotaurs that were
coming in from the direction of the city.