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come forward with some newly remembered knowledge on how to
massively exterminate the Minotaurs, but there was none.
No one paid much attention to her as she finished the apple and
tucked the core into her pocket. When she left, she hoped to find a
remote dimension that she could plant the seeds and have her own
apple orchard, as she’d grown quite fond of the sweet fruit.
One of the scouts rode up on his horse and dismounted quickly
before Alric. The Knights gathered around, and a commotion
sounded. She watched them carefully and finally figured out that
the Minotaurs were closer to attacking than originally thought, and
they were beginning to realize that they couldn’t evacuate in time.
Finn looked once more at Kyrin, hoping she would have an idea,
but she just watched them and leaned back against one of the apple
She leaned forward when one of the Knights stepped back from the
others. He looked more worried than the rest, and she got the
impression that he was about to storm into battle alone.
Alric broke off from the others, and Kyrin listened in on the
“We’re doing all we can, Xan,” Alric said as he put his hand on the
Knight’s shoulder.
“My wife, Sir… she’s having the baby today.”
“I know, and I’ve sent the Priests to see if they can help her
“She can’t. Last time she almost died.”
“We’re trying, ok? The Priests know best how to help her to the