Dimension Shifter HTML version

“Maybe, she has to learn though, and she didn’t believe us.”
“She’ll be ok,” Alric said, smiling. “I’ll lie her down and get her a
cool rag.”
Finn nodded and watched the King walk off, carrying his young
charge. Finn couldn’t help but smile. Everyone in Valhara knew
the King was falling for the strange girl, everyone but the King.
Chapter 8
Alric strengthened the kiss and wrapped his hand to the back of her
neck. She didn’t fight him anymore, and he knew she was finally
realizing that he wasn’t out to get her.
When he moved back, she blushed slightly and pulled away from
“See, no pain and I’m not whisking you off to bed,” Alric laughed.
“Why would I go to your bed when I have one?”
“Don’t mind that.” He walked over to get a glass of wine, “Back
to our earlier argument. It’s just time.”
“My room is fine… it’s more than adequate.”
“There’s no reason for you to be down with the servants. That
suite is empty.”
“It was Genessa’s suite.”