Dimension Shifter HTML version

“Fresh bread this morning, Emerisa,” a woman said from behind
them. Kyrin looked over and frowned when this woman was also
“My god, Stephania!” Finn laughed. “When is that baby coming
“Hopefully soon… or not soon enough, I’m not sure which,” she
said happily and then handed the bread over to Emerisa.
It was all too foreign. Kyrin had been to hundreds of dimensions
and each shared her view of the vile act of becoming pregnant, and
the humiliating and shameful act of carrying a child and delivering
it. It was hidden away in dark houses, houses where all of a
sudden the curtains were drawn, and no one was allowed in.
“You ok, Kyrin?” Finn asked, watching her.
She was staring awkwardly at the two pregnant women who were
“Kyrin?” Alric asked her.
She backed away. What kind of dimension was this? What kind
wasn’t plagued with the drought, and didn’t fear the now
dimension shifting Consortiums? How can they not share the
views of the rest of the universe? It was confusing, and she felt the
world closing in around her.
Everything from the awkward moment when their lips met, to the
warning from Daemionis about how close she got to those from
Paragoy Dimension came crashing down on her.
Alric and Finn rushed to Kyrin when she collapsed. Alric felt her
neck, “She’s alive.”
“I think she fainted.”
“Maybe this was too much,” Alric said, picking her up.