Dimension Shifter HTML version

“Where is Alric?” Kyrin asked.
Finn smiled, “He’s busy greeting the elves. He asked me to help
you prepare for this.”
“It’s stupid. Why do I have to go meet them?”
“They often claim that Valhara can’t be allies, because we don’t
allow outsiders into our midst. You are going to help us align
ourselves with them as a non-Sithias follower and someone not
born here.”
“Great, I’m sure the elves will love Daemionis.”
“Just get dressed, will you?
“How many 18-year-olds do you know have to be told what to
“So you’re 18 now?”
“When did that happen?”
She watched him, “Well where I come from, every year you get a
year older.”
He grinned, “I know that, smartass. What I want to know is when
your birthday was.”
“Does it matter?”
“Stop being stubborn and tell me.”
“Last week.”