Dimension Shifter HTML version

When Sithias spoke, only Alric heard it, “You cannot go to a
demon to ask for the life of a follower.”
“Why not? Every demon has a price.”
“His price would be your soul.”
“My time is running out. She has only nine more months here.”
“Daemionis will not let her go. She has something he desires, and
we have yet to figure out what it is.”
“Can’t you do something? If she’s important to Daemionis, then
she could be important to us.”
“No evil is important to us.”
“I can’t let her go back to how she was living. It’s too dangerous.”
“She is not yours to keep. You cannot have these feelings for her.”
Alric turned to look at her, “I don’t have those kinds of feelings.
She’s young and innocent. Her world is too perilous.”
“It’s all she knows.”
“She’ll die.”
Sithias didn’t answer, and Alric turned back to the window.