Dimension Shifter HTML version

the overly tight corset. It took Genessa and the Knight both to get
it tight enough, and Kyrin found it painful and almost unbearable.
Genessa sighed, “I guess that’ll do for now. Try not to act like an
“What’s an oaf?”
“Just don’t,” Genessa said. She reached out and took a small tea
cup daintily in her hand, “So let’s try the tea again. Try not to spill
it this time.”
Kyrin sighed and picked up the delicate glass, and then brought it
to her lips and took a small sip.
“Too loud,” Genessa snapped.
Kyrin began to wonder if the reason Genessa’s Knight punished
her every time Alric left was because of how moody Genessa was.
In front of Alric, she was pleasant and happy, but without him
around, she was prone to yell and often shouted insults at Kyrin.
Kyrin tried again to take a drink, this time she didn’t even drink
any, but just brought it to her lips.
Genessa sighed, “You can’t do it quietly, can you?”
“I’m trying,” Kyrin said through clenched teeth.
“Don’t talk to me like that, or I’ll have Alric punish you.”
Kyrin nodded and took another sip. The last thing she needed was
for Alric to get mad at her. He seemed intent on Kyrin acting more
like Genessa, so she held her tongue and did as she was told
around the Lady of the house.
“You’re getting your hair in the tea,” Genessa said icily.