Dimension Shifter HTML version

“Is he ok then?”
“Yes, he’s going to be talking higher pitched for the next week
Alric turned to Kyrin, “You have to calm down and stop lashing
out at everything.”
“He shouldn’t have touched me.”
“It’s common here, and usually doesn’t result in a beating.”
“He just caught me off guard,” she said to her hands.
Finn spun and stormed off, leaving just Alric and Kyrin in the dark
“Let’s go to the castle,” Alric said, and mounted his horse.
She nodded and began to walk beside it until Alric reached down
and put her on the horse in front of him. He then kicked the horse
to move faster back toward the castle.
“Now cross your ankles,” Genessa said, and demonstrated.
Kyrin followed her lead and crossed her ankles beneath the dress.
As much as she hated dresses, now that she knew how to move in
one, they were becoming more manageable. The hardest part was