Dimension Shifter HTML version

She shrugged.
Finn grabbed her shoulders and shook her, “Tell me!”
“Let’s hear her out,” Alric said, and pulled Finn away from her.
“What would be so bad that you’d try to kill him?” Finn screamed.
“He put his lips on mine,” she whispered, watching the ground.
“A kiss earned him death?”
Alric sighed, “She doesn’t know what a kiss is, Finn. I’m sure it
seemed like an assault to her.”
Finn moved to her and grabbed her shoulders roughly, “Listen
here! No one is out to get you. You aren’t about to be sold to the
highest bidder! Women aren’t oppressed or tortured! When are
you going to understand that you aren’t in danger!?”
She had to fight not to use magic to make him let her go. The pull
was strong to defend herself, but with Alric watching, she couldn’t
deny the magic use later.
“Finn,” Alric said softly. “Let her go.”
She stepped back and watched the Captain with wide eyes as Alric
tried to calm him.
“She had no right! He liked her.”
“You knew she wasn’t going to deal with that well. You should
have been with them or warned him not to touch her.”
Finn finally calmed some, “I did tell him that.”