Dimension Shifter


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The dimensions are in chaos, magic is illegal, and water is a rare commodity. Kyrin is running from the law. As a magic user, she’s marked for death, and as a runaway from the Shadowmere, she’s hunted as a weapon. Shifting between dimensions is all that’s kept her alive. On the brink of being caught by the Shadowmere, Kyrin stumbles into a dimension devoid of the drought and seemingly untouched by the wrath of the Consortiums. In this dimension, she finds a person innocent of the evils of the universe and naïve to the worlds surrounding them. Lord Alric has ruled over his kingdom for 15 years under the direction of their god, Sithias. Before his time, the gods fought, and evil was removed from the lands. It isn’t until Kyrin arrives that he’s even considered that evil may still be among them, or that the long-dead use of magic may still exist.

Andrew Amuzuglo

love d book. am yet to decide if kyrrin is an evil..hard to find a captivating book. u nailed it


I quit enjoyed this read. Well thought out and held my attention (not easy).

amanda shepherd

loved the series again have read all 5 like the heku series wich ive read all 9 waiting in suspence for the new book return of the enkala just wish I could find out when its available absolutely brilliant reads both the dimenshion series and the heku series we need more please loved them

Chris Cummons

Kyrin is a great character.


excellent read i look forward to reading the next in the series


I did not like it i LOVED it! Absolutely amazing! Are the other 2 books out already,can't find them?!=(


I loved the book. Can not wait to read the othe two.


This book had me reading until I had to read the last page. I enjoyed the characters and the subject material. Very well done.

Amanda Curits-Wilson

Admittedly this is not really my kind of book but I thought I'd try it as one of my 'holiday reads'. I did find it worthy enough to read from start to finish (getting rather exasperated by the constant peril of the heroine in the process) but I wouldn't read any of the other titles in the series. Not badly written by any means, so perhaps a good choice if this is a genre you usually enjoy.


a good read. kept me hooked till the last page


loved the series have now downloaded the heku series to read. thankshope there is more


read it twice, that good

michael gregory

Great book. Can't find the other ones. Does anyone know where to get them from


Loved it! Can't wait to read the next!

Warren Keenan

Great book!! I sat and read it in one sitting, I just couldnt put it down! I cant wait for the next one!!

Dawn Morris

This is a excellent read!!!! I was pulled into every dimension, the main character went into. It left me wanting more!!!! Thanks to T.M. Nielsen, I have found another author to add to my greats!!!! Thanks to Free-eBooks.net,I have downloaded 3 more of his books and I hope they are just as spell-binding!!! I will be waiting for the next book in this series.... bring it on!!!! Thanks 1 of your new fans, D.A.Morris

Leslie Harding

Good story. Well paced, most of the time. I couldn't put it down. I kept thinking, "I could see this as a movie."

Ana Ontiveros

I really loved the story plot ! But does anyone know how I can get the second and third book ?

Nic Galea

loved it! want the next one!

Jessica Martinez

Loved the book, but hated the ending. Lol. =(

Dawn Morris

This book is great!

Desiree Bubb

Fabulous story. Could not put it down. Never a dull moment. Its got everything including romance.

Mrs E Berridge

I found it very difficult to put down. I have read the full series, the other two books purchased for a small fee from SmashWords. It has been a long time since I became so engrossed and lost in a story. Fantastic. I look forward to reading other stories by this author.

Allen Brown

I found it very good and I liked it a lot

christine fitzpatrick

fantastic book lookinmg for other books by this author


How can I get the 2nd and 3rd book? LOVED it!!!

rahul tudu

A really well written and a page turning book ,it kept me entertaining with its twist and turns throughout the story.one of the best book I have read

Leigh Anne Gilbert

The characters are developed fairly well and the plot is strong. The book needs to be edited properly. Though I enjoyed the book, mistakes in grammar and punctuation are distracting as are the sections that should be cut to be concise.

Patricia Holland

I definately want to continue reading the series!!!!!

Toru Ide

Great story and interesting character.Really enjoyed the book.


Excellent easy read, really enjoyed the book. How can i get a copy of book 2, paragoy dimension


Amazing book, Amazing read where do I find Paragoy Dimention????????????? Iv looked everywere on the net but can not find a Free version of Paragoy Dimention, I NEED to read the next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j handley

really enjoyed this book will look for more of T M Nielsen's work

Umer Aslam

The ebook is really amazing. Keep up the good work buddy.


Very good, will make it a point to finish the saga

Joel Tay Weijian

Good Read! Good balance of action and story line !

Olivia Buck

LOVED this book! Such a quick read, unfortunately. :) I wish it went on and on!


Loved it - could not put it down :) Am looking forward to the next book.


I liked the book, however, I thought it could have been better. The plot is very good, but not detailed, which is something that needs to be done. The character are a little bit too perfect for my liking and there have been some silly parts that the book could have done without.


very nice novel with good ideas.......


Great book couldnt put it down i need the next book pls want to start reading asap

Robyn Harrison

i loved this book!!! i hope the next two are just as fantastic!!!


Not a bad book but the characters seem to change very rapidly throughout. Will definitely read the next book.

LeRoy Young

I thought the story line was very good and the descriptions were just right.Some authors just go into much detail and lose track of the storyline. I will try reading some of your other books and if I can find a 2 extra$$ I will send it your way. I have written a short novel and people have seemed to like it. I did write a sequel but went on to other things after a short 15 pages. I imagine you will keep it up if you are a writer and I wish you luck. This is the 1st feedback that I have given so I don't know if that means anything.

Julie Wilkie

awesome heaps better than what i thought could' put it down

peter edwards

Very well written book, looking forward to getting stuck into the next.

Eric Malambo

The book is just awesome !! I couldn't stop reading when i started. Well i'v also read part of book 2, 'paragoy dimension' on SMASHWORDS, isn't just the bomb too! ! I wish the two books were here on so i'd download em. . . The story is great, so is everything about it.

Lelani Kruger

Loved it. Can't wait for the next one

Janay Graves

Can't wait for the next book!

Jenifer Work

Very good book but where are the other 2?


T. M. Nielsen

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