Different (a Manon Maxim Novel) HTML version

that it flies faster, although the game of time doesn’t matter.
Jabar has once put forward the idea of letting me take flying lessons; both for the jet and the
helicopter he has standing in his garden. I immediately refused the offer. I’m not at all
technically- minded and mathematics was my weakest course at school. No, I wouldn’t trust
myself as a pilot.
Tony is nervously biting his lower lip and I can already guess why. „Missing a cigarette?’ I
ask him.
„Kinda. Even those clouds remind me of smoke.’
„Light one up than.’
He shakes his head heavily.
„No, I promised myself not to smoke while flying.’
„It wouldn’t bother me if you’d smoke,’ I assure him.
„Do you know what’s pathetic?’ His smile wavers. „I once was out of cigarettes at home. It
was night already and I didn’t feel like looking for a night shop. But I was willing to lick off
the ceiling just to get enough nicotine down.’
Tony is an angel. Their biggest weakness? Right, smoking. Maybe it’s in their DNA, because
I’ve rarely met an angel that didn’t smoke.
„Still an hour before arrival. It was an easy flight.’ He clearly wants to change the subject of
our conversation.
I sink deeper into my chair and heave a sigh.
„Difficult task?’ Tony asks me.
„Nah, it won’t be so bad, I think. I hope.’
„What? What kind of otherkind are you going to deal with?’
„Probably a devil.’
„Devil? They usually don’t cause any problems. Even when they’re drunk, they’re like
newborn babes.’
„Well, I’ve already dealt with something else.’ I grin at that thought.
„Than he must have had enough drinks.’
„She. It was a she and yes, she drank about five bottles of bourbon.’
„What did he do?’
For a while, I look at him incomprehensively.
„That devil in New York.’
„We suspect he has used his gift to rob different stores at Fifth Avenue.’