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Diary of a Serial Killer

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Published: 4 years ago

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WARNING: This is not a politically correct eBook, and its contents may upset readers with a gentle disposition. Reese writes for therapy, which stops him from self mutilating. After an unusual and generally unhappy childhood, it is all he has aside from work. After having written nine books, he is still getting rejection slips. No one likes rejection, least of all Reese. So he comes up with a plan to write a first-person account of the inner workings of a serial killer's mind - while the memory is still fresh. All it takes is good planning and a little research. Download this eBook today! 'Diary of a Serial; Killer 2 - Reece's Revenge' available from Amazon:

lisa browngilbert

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was not only stylishly written but it is also the type of story that snatches you into the world of the main character and does not let go. I am now addicted to this author and hope to find more great reads authored by him.


My husband n I both enjoyed this book. I told him it was a true story after I read it, n he believed it until the end lol when he saw there was a sequel. We have both read all ur books. Its hard to pick a favorite! I like free books but yours are worth buying! For anyone who has not read electric goana dreams pls do!

Lonaye King

I was hooked! I really enjoyed the writing style and finding out about the 'characters'. Adding Barbara into the mix was perfect. I really felt like it was real at times which sent shudders through my body. I need to read more of this authors work!

Susan Weber

This book was quite a ride. It was more than a horror story because it was reality. Sadly there are people out there like the SK in the book who do the things that he did. The writing style was good and the author has very good descriptive ability. It also makes you think. Are SKs born this way or are they so influenced by early life traumas that they become "made?" Good thought really. Many children who have abusive childhoods grow up to be really good people and some who have wonderful, happy childhoods grow up to be SKs. The book was dark but well written and had the additional advantage of making one think about the workings of the human mind. I believe this author has a good future in writing books of this nature.

B. Cameron Lee

B. Cameron Lee here. The first volume didn't end. The story continues in 'Diary of a Serial Killer 2 - Reece's Revenge' available on Kindle as is the free download of 'Kindle for your computer'. Check out for details.

D. Gove

An oblique look at a fascinating subject of fiction


looking for the 2nd one

ana aparecida gomes

Very good !! Its impossible to stop reading to the final word . But I agre with Dwiti Desai : the final didnt followed the suspense of the plot, maybe I expected something really surprising at the end.


wish they had book 2 on here :(


I could not put down this book. I am so going to purchase the 2nd book on Amazon; I heard that one is even better.

Julius Bennett

An awesome read. Found myself at the end wishing for more

Dwiti Desai

Incredible! The writing style is fantastic; created such a vivid character, not to mention the little 'publisher' thing in the beginning made it so realistic and captivating! Really gets into the mind, though the ending parts were a little too smooth and soft compared to the material before it. Nonetheless, a favourite; a very psychological and vivid read! Thumbs up Mr. Lee!


I thought it was an great read


4 stars – Deserves a spot on your nightstand.

shalini sharma

really a good one not for cowards ......... check it out.....

Ruína do Boi

Great book. The detailed description is awesome, and the main character feels quite real. I disliked the female character though. She didn't fit the ambiance very well. I liked it better when the guy's mind was going darker places. But that's not a deal breaker, it didn't disrupt the storyline or anything.

becki buchanan

Enjoyed - but it could have been taken further...darker...


Extremely detailed and graphic, superb writing, great author!

Amanda Ponce

An absolutely amazing work. Cameron Lee creates a very controversial character but that appeals to the reader. Definitely one of my favorites.

Cree Synster

a bit grotesque at times, but a very enjoyable read. not for those who faint easily. for those who put it down before reading totally through it, read it all the way before judging Reece, he changes in a positive way :)


Very disturbing but extremely well written. I got chills in some parts! Would not recommend for the faint hearted though.


Fabulous and riveting! Stayed up most of the night to finish! Hurry, hurry and bring on the next chapter!


Amazing read. It's like the main character is sitting on your couch having a normal conversation with you.


This was a disturbing book....but strangely enough I couldn't put it down!

Ashley Frum

Was a great read. I couldn't put it down until I finished. Like others, I didn't enjoy the ending, otherwise I thought it was great.

Jessica Lewis

Really interesting, keeps your attention well. Not too fond of the ending, but it works I guess

Shreya Ghosh

Amazing book...well thought out-clinical,descriptive,unforgiving and satirical

valerie pharr

I really liked your book. Keep me wanting to read more, great details. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just my kind of book.


Great read. Gets into his mind. Like some have said, the beginning misogynony is necessary for character development and evolvement. You almost root for him in the 'end'.


I really enjoyed this book. It has all the things the title would suggest and a whole lot more. And may be quite a bit different for those who expect your normal hack and slash serial killer type book. Bravo!


looks interesting wouldnt mind reading it


foumd it rather disturbing but finished it and found i actually liked

peter moran

This is an excellent read if,like me,you like action thrillers.great .

really enjoyed this book.

Cree Synster

Loved the book. Very interesting and a new, fresh idea, compared to the 'standard' horror books. I love the raw detail in it. Not a good book for those with weak stomachs ;)For those complaining of "too much hatred towards woman" actually read the book till the end. the main character explains everything during the last few 'pages' of the story =/


Good book! For me it's kind of a fresh of breath air from vampires and such! Couldn't stop my self from reading up to the very last word! Good job on this!

Ernesto Vargas

Fantastic book!


To much hate towards women

Robin Campbell

Good example of psychopathy. Somewhat simple but entertaining in a sick kind of way.


Really good and kinda creepy at times


Just fantastic! You go a great job of portraying the horror (yet it'd purely research) behind human minds, it's truely amazing, and the fact that you can make it a good horror story with it being about anything super-natural, or god forbid, Vampires, apparently the most terrifying thing out there nowa days, but none the less, you sir, are a wonderous writer!

Don Makowski

Good read! Kept me interested and longing for more...

Jamesia Burford

This book was very well written. I enjoyed it immensely.

Ebony Titem-Hicks

Couldn't stop reading...wish it was longer.

shelley stepp

this is a great book!


the author has an excellent imagination or is one very sick individual. Even was a good read as you never knew what he was going to get up to next


Excellent book but is not for the faint hearted. Very descriptive book.

Kristy Wright

Really good read. Gruesome but excellent story line.


This book was great....I just could not put it down very good...must read.


Wow-a riveting read. I almost didn't continue after the first few pages because the narrator was so sexist & the murders were so graphic that the whole thing seemed pretty disgusting.... What turned the entire thing around was the growing insight on the part of Reece, not only into his own actions but those of other people. I really liked the way he questioned the reason his victims' lives were the way they were & how society had already victimized them to some extent. A much more thoughtful book that it appeared to be at the outset.Well done!


B. Cameron Lee

Plenty in other places, website for one. Need more interaction with readers though.

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