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In the Christian life we sometimes encounter what seem to be
contradictions. Yet when you look at them more closely we see
that they are not actually contradictions; rather, they are
different ways of looking at the same truth. That is how the
Bible often works, viewing the same truth from the opposite
Here is an example. When we pray to God about something,
there are times when we may feel that we should simply commit
a thing to God and leave it in his care, knowing that he has the
whole of eternity to work out the solution.
And there are other times when we really do want and need
God’s guidance in a particular situation and we believe that we
must have an answer soon.
If we give God the honour and reverence that are his due he will
not mind our insistence – our importunity – like the man who
visited a friend at midnight to ask for a loaf of bread. In one
way it was a ridiculous request. Yet because it was so ridiculous,
the friend got up and gave him what he asked, knowing that he
must really have needed it.
Don’t be afraid to keep asking God and keep on asking him.
God does actually want to bless us and he also wants us to want
his blessing.
© Alasdair Bothwell Gordon 2013