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In the mid-1970s, I was part of a group of people connected with the
city-centre churches in Aberdeen who offered a daily telephone
message ministry called “Dial Good News”. Every day, one of us
would get up early and make our way to a church hall in which the
rather primitive recording machine was kept. We would then record
the message for the day. The tape lasted exactly two minutes, so
the message could not over-run. It sometimes took several
attempts to get it right, especially for people (like me!) who tend in
the direction of verbosity. I found that all messages had to be
thoroughly scripted and rehearsed.
Every message was introduced by the words “This is Dial Good
News, Aberdeen 50294”. The idea was that anyone could phone
this (now obsolete) number and hear an inspirational or evangelical
message for the day. The service was well used in its time,
although newer technology and rising costs eventually brought it
to an end.
When the service ended, there was talk about publishing a book of
messages. The idea never came to fruition. In the course of moving
house last year, I rediscovered my “Dial Good News” file.
So, I am pleased to offer the 33 messages that I contributed to “Dial
Good News”. Please remember that these are scripts for spoken
messages, not great literature nor profound theology. They were
written when I was still quite a young man. As I approach my three
score years and ten, I might now express myself with a little more
polish. However, even if the original messages are occasionally a
little rough at the edges, I have resisted the temptation to re-write
Quotations from Scripture are sometimes slightly paraphrased.
I hope you will enjoy the messages.
Alasdair Gordon
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
Candlemas Day, 2013
© Alasdair Bothwell Gordon 2013