Diabetes and You HTML version

Time to take charge!
If you have diabetes, you are not alone. Millions of people
today have diabetes. Diabetes cannot yet be cured. But it can
be managed. This booklet will give you some tips to help you
manage your diabetes.
To learn more about how you can take an active role in your
diabetes care, visit Cornerstones4Care.com. You’ll ind all sorts
of resources to help you take charge!
How can you take charge of your health?
Learn as much as you can.
When it comes to diabetes, knowledge really is power. The
more you know about diabetes, the better you’ll be able to
manage it. This booklet will get you started. You can learn more
at Cornerstones4Care.com.
Work with your team.
Good diabetes care takes a team. Your doctor, nurse, diabetes
educator, dietitian, and others are all members of your team.
And then, of course, there’s you. You are the most important
member of your team. Your fellow team members are experts
on diabetes. But you are the expert on how you feel with
diabetes. All of your team members have the same goal: to help
you manage your diabetes.