Devil's Secret - Universal Secret (Book 1) HTML version

Something's moving in the shadows. There! It is right behind us. I push her away, out of the
danger and turn around ready to face the creature from the shadows. Sword out, ready to attack.
Why did I stop? It can’t be. Why isn’t my hand moving? I'm trying , but something has stopped
me mid way. What? What is it? What does it want? Why m I not attacking him? Why m I not
running away? It's a human. A young boy. Same eyes, same smile, but different hair. This aint
right. It's not possible. It's.. It'!
I'm awake now looking here, looking there, not a volcano, not outside, I'm here in my bunk in
the tent. the moon is out and the storm had ended. I need some water, so i get out of my bed to
go get some. I get out slowly and put my shoes on. I drink some water and sit back down on my
bunk. I feel sweaty and hot even though it's spine chilling cold. Itry to set my thought's straight
but my closed eyes show me the picture, the picture that scares me; the picture that shows me ,
but It's not me even though it looks like me. Itry to go back to sleep but as usual it's impossible. I
don't know why i even try. The dreams have become more frequent than before. I look outside
and i know it's about to be day. I see the sun beginning to rise behind the mountains. I put on my
coat and boots and move out into the open. I feel the slow wind on the back of my neck and a
chill rushes through my body. I look around, in the moonlight the white snow shines with an
eerie glow. I realize That's why I came here. Ilove the snow, the chills and the white beauty. The
heat and the sun was just too much for me to handle. I never understood why that happened, but
it did and i left it at that.
By the way, my name is James, James Ca'aul. I'm an intern with a group of Scientists here at the
North pole. I just finished college, 6 months ago. I'm from Newzealand, Papatoetoe. No, I'm not
a Moari. I'm actually part British and Mexican. My mum was British. After Majoring in
Geographical Science and Maths For three years, Iapplied for and internship course In the
scientific Institute O f Geography, Weather and Technology, America and they accpeted me. So
that was it, I was off to America. My dad is succesful businessman. Trust me when i say
successful, he is so successful that he is almost never home. My life went down hill after my
mum died. What else would happen to a 19 year old whose mum just died and the father doesn't
give a damn about him. I got into drugs, i broke several school rules and countless country laws.
Yet no attention. I just gave up on him and i had better things to do anyways. I left drugs, i
started studying again and my second year was better than the first.
After finishing my third year, last year, i came with my friends to america for a holiday, while i
was here i saw a intership programme and i knew what i wanted to do. I went to the institute to
apply and find out about the internship. they told me i'll be going to the artic with Dr. Raymond,
I was thrilled. O h man! My teacher, my inspiration, my guru was oing to take one lucky person
to the artic with him. Yes, this is the famous Dr. Stephen Raymond who has written many books
on the glaciers' and the northpole. He has also written many journals about his trips to the
southpole and the mountains in the Himalayan Range.
It's not all fun and games. I'm studying too, trying to complete my double Major in Geography
and Science. But still I'll say these 6 months have been the best. Still i miss my friends especially
my best friend, Renae. Renae K iara James. Yeah , My first name is her last. Wierd i know, but