Devil's Secret - Universal Secret (Book 1) HTML version

Never really thought about anything. But I guess those who don't, get the shocks of their lives.
Same thing happened to me. All I know is, one day I was on my way to the Arctic, Accepted as
an intern with a scientist who was studying the icy layers beneath the fresh snow, studying the
concentration of many different chemicals to find how old the oldest layer of ice was. Next I
know, I'm in a Volcano almost 275 feet beneath the icy terrain of the Arctic. Well that's what i
thought when I first saw it. But there were ma ny paths to o in and out of the chamber. Some
lead to other chambers deeper into the earth, while others led to the big open rooms with
Hieroglyphics on the walls and even some unknown language which I doubt anyone would
have ever seen, but somehow I felt I have read it a thousand times, written it a thousand times.
I guess that's what people call dejavu.
No, this can't be happening! Now even the place looks familiar like I've been here several times
in the past. Been here! Done that! Great, this place is spooky, but wait what's this. I'm only
dreaming, but it feels so real.