Developing Web Pages Using Microsoft's Front Page Express HTML version

Web Page Creation
Front Page Express is a freeware programme that allows the development of
web pages with little or no knowledge of HTML, the scripting language of
web pages. You create your web page in much the same manner as you
would a word processor document and Front Page Express generates the
HTML in the background. When you Save a page to a file it is the HTML
script that is saved.
Front Page Express is available when Microsoft Internet Explorer version
5·0 is fully installed (it is one of the full install options). Note that Front
Page Express is not included with versions 5·5 or 6 of Internet Explorer.
(Microsoft is the registered Trade Mark of Microsoft Corp., U.S.A.)
There are sveral programmes available that allow the creation of web pages
in this manner and most of these have more sophisticated features than
Front Page Express and are not freeware: they are priced from about
$Aust.180 up to $Aust.800. These programmes include:
Platypus Web Builder
Front Page
Adobe GoLive
Using Front Page Express
You will note from the illustration that it appears very similar to a word
processor. You have similar Menus and Toolbars, with some differences.
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