Developing Web Pages Using HTML HTML version

Letting a Browser know that a file is a web page.
The <HTML> tag tells a Browser that a file is a formatted web page and not just a plain text
<! -- Anything here is a 'remark' and is not reproduced by a browser -->
The information that 'configures' your web page is placed in between the Head tags. This can
be META tags (for Search Engines) or, for more advanced page formatting, Javascript. This
information does not appear when the page is displayed by a Browser.
Title Tag
This defines what Title will appear on the coloured Title Bar at the top of your screen when a
page is displayed by your Browser.
Tip: It is also important as it is what appears in the 'Search Results' when someone does a
search in a Search Engine. The blue underlined text that is a Link appearing above the
short description covering different pages on the Search Results pages is exactly the
same as the text you place between the Title tags. So, give consideration to an accurate
and definitive title for each page.
<TITLE>Web Page Development</TITLE>
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