Developing Web Pages Using HTML HTML version

HTML code for 'Web Page Development'
What is a web page ?
Web pages are very different from, say, a Word document. In a word processor document all
aspects of the page are incorporated into the one file ... the graphics, font styles and sizes and
other formatting.
A web page is basically plain (ASCII) text with 'tags' (as ASCII text) incorporated. The
graphics are all separate files. Your web browser reads the ASCII text with the tags and
graphic files and displays the complete formatted page.
Because web pages are only ASCII text they can be prepared in any text editor. However,
there are advantages to preparing a web page using a special web page or HTML editor, as
will become obvious as we progress through the course.
So, what is a Tag ?
Tags are 'codes' included in the web page file that tell the Browser what type of formatting to
apply to any text placed in between pairs of Tags. For example, if you want a word to be
displayed in bold you use a tag to turn on the bold formatting function of a Browser - and the
tag is
Any text that appears after that tag will be displayed in bold. To revert to normal text you
have to turn off the bold function, thus
The complete code then would be
and this would be displayed ...
Note that tags are not case sensitive and that nearly all tags are in pairs.
So, in essence, that's all there is to it.
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