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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks


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Published: 2 years ago

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This is the fifth book in the collection on the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante A, a Canadian war correspondent from the early 21st Century who is also the co-founder of the Time Patrol, an organization originating in the 34th Century. Nancy continues on as a war correspondent for CNN in the year 2017, while also leading the Time Patrol and ruling over Palestine in Timeline B. On her part, Ingrid Dows C has emerged from World War Two as a very young but also very talented and successful fighter pilot and senior officer of the United States Air Force. She will then fight in two more wars, apart from helping the United States Air Force become the leading air power in the World, following the path of a glorious destiny. However, another destiny will end in tragedy.

so that made a lot of sense. been trying to clear up passwords and entry I get jangled. Trying to say the Alas Babylon was a great read and that Malevil dis the same thing with just a different flavor on the location. Dealing with the reconstruction and the restart of society beyond the horizon it has a believable premise and is well written with interesting twists on the dailies of survival living. If you can find one give Malevil a read...claude

for Frank Jackson and bob Clauksonfor a similar story try Malevil. I don't remember the author, but It might be on Amazon or something. I got one at a recycle store about ten or twelve years ago. it does the reconstruction of society in microcosm quite well.

Toru Ide

I loved this book as much as the other books in the series. Ingrid is becoming a wonderful character and I am looking forward to what she is going to do next. Nancy's character was wonderful. But I guess she has moved up to a higher plane. This gives the chance for other characters to shine. Great Job as always Michel Poulin.

Randy Dewar

EXcellent series of books waiting for #6

James Jolliffe

Another great book in this series! I think I may have enjoyed this one best of all. Was shocked to see the death of the main heroine, but she truly did burn the candle at both ends. These books have really been a lot of fun to read. Great job Michel Poulin! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

Bob Clarkson

Frank, you must be the 13th person who remembers 'Alas, Babylon'. It is one of my favorite science fiction books and it is one of my younger twins favorite books. He is younger than me by about 2 1/2 years. Actually, I would classify the book as a social commentary cast in (at that time) science fiction clothing, Thumbs UP |^|


Great read just like previous 4 installments! This one a little deeper thought out about various wars in paralel timeline, although less time travel this time. I was sorry to see what happened to main heroine at the end but I suppose she was just a human after all...Well done Mr. Poulin! Will be eagerly waiting for your next masterpiece!

frank jackson

I read the first 4 of the series burning midnight oil, sometimes not getting to bed until 4 am. Good thing it was my day off next. Have been awaiting this 5th book in anticipation of what will happen next. Am about 15 yrs older than author, so I have read many a science fiction book by many authors. Actually my favorite is 'Alas Babylon', mainly because I was 30 miles from where is happened and it was a good book.


Michel Poulin

Retired from the Canadian Forces after 32 years of service. Supplement pension with night job as security guard. Married, with two grown sons.

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